Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser

I recently acquired this vessel after an EC grinding binge that lasted for eleven days. I’m not proud of indulging in this rather tedious activity for that long, but I am sure proud of the achievement that waited at the end. You don’t see this hulking beast too often in the sectors, at least in Federation space and I haven’t been too eager to look around Klingon space so far. Up until then my experience of cruisers and battle cruisers ranged from Negh’Var to Vorcha to Sovereign mostly, no bling ships involved here. But let’s start this story even earlier.

In July 2013 i started doing the daily missions for Lohlunat Pearls to acquire one of the beautiful Risian corvettes they were giving out at that time, and it was then when I got my interest piqued in special ships. So I looked into that matter and found out there had been quite a few releases of such ships during the long time I had been gone. I knew the “bugship” from back then and also the Galor class, but anything beyond that was new to me. I quickly however fell in love with the prospect of getting myself a timeship, the sleek outlines and the rather cool and gimmicky abilities that came with that ship were quite the appetizer to look forward to. Two days later I found out about the pleasures of doing farming missions and so it all came together.

I started jamming those missions as much as I could, which amounted to doing them nine times a day starting in late July a good few days after I had gotten my corvette. Then however I saw how the prices for that ship I wanted went up considerably – from about 80 mil to 140 in a few days at one point – and began to lose sight of my goal. Not for long however as I remembered that cool and quite frankly menacing looking ship a friend of mine showed me, the Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser.

Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser with Earth Space Dock in background

Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser

Like the timeship it came with a brother which one would have to acquire in order to get the full set bonus, but those two ships clocked in at around 140 mils together instead of 200, and the prospect of having a 4/4 ship on my youngest character, the scientist C’arrus Talon was enough to have me set in my new goals. And so I grinded. About a week for the Destroyer, and as already said, another 11 days for the Battle Cruiser.

Now with that said, it’s well possible that my point of view might be somewhat skewed in favour of that ship, however the Destroyer also cost me dearly and I wasn’t nearly as satisfied with what my money got me when I tried that one out and thenceforth started grinding with it.

Enough with the back story.

This is surely one of the finer ships in Star Trek Online, and here is why:

  • Commander Universal station
  • 4/4 weapon layout with ability to load cannons
  • Standard Warp Core means 50 Energy for all Subsystems (though admittedly no singularity powers)
  • Ltd. Commander Science station adds to the image as a Swiss army weapon of mass destruction

There are a few downsides to this behemoth… Behemoth, would be a fitting name for it, huh…

  • It’s no Risian corvette in terms of speed or agility
  • It’s no bugship in terms of damage output
  • It’s no star cruiser in terms of ability to tank damage.

With those points on the table, let’s face it. It’s well rounded and it can provide quite the bang for that amount of buck, especially considering I’m flying it as a scientist kitty.

Currently I’m running my U.S.S. Obsidian Dragon with a set of seven Polaron Beam Arrays and a Cutting Beam, complete with Jem Hadar set for added oomph for the beams. At first i had kept all three items of the set equipped but lately have switched out the admittedly sub-standard torpedo console for the Zero Point console from the Romulan reputation tree.


Speaking of which, that’s where I’m currently planning to take this bird, level up Romulan to V, then get both sets, whereas I’ve opted for Romulan rather than Reman to help my already painfully effective Attack Pattern Beta. Also, I kinda prefer a less flashy outfit than what the Reman shields would give me.

Notes? Comments? Critique? Let’s hear it.


2 thoughts on “Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser

    • Hi there, Bogdan
      as a matter of fact I haven’t yet updated it. Thing is, i’m not playing *that* actively at the moment, but overall I’m leaning towards the romulan plasma weapons at the moment, to equip that ship with. Naturally, that’s a whole new line of investment. Overall it’s a worthy ship to grind for (in my opinion of course^^), that being said however, depending on your play style there may be better options out there, the feeling of flying a brick/tank will be with that ship always. Best of success grinding for the ship though 😀

      Kind regards,

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